Men's First Team

The Hoboken FC men's first team plays in the first division of the Cosmopolitan Soccer League, one of the top amateur soccer leagues in the United States. The season runs from September through early June, with a winter break.

In addition to league play, Hoboken FC also participates in the New Jersey State Cup, having won the state cup competition five times.

Schedule & Roster

Men's Reserves Team

The Hoboken FC men's reserve team plays in the first reserve division of the Cosmopolitan Soccer League. The reserve team plays the same schedule as the first team, with the reserve match two hours before the first team match.

Under state association registration rules, reserve team players are also registered with the first team and are often called up to play first team matches.

Schedule & Roster

HFC Women's Team

The Hoboken FC women's team plays in the first division of the Garden State Soccer League. The season runs in two parts: from September to November/December and from March to June.

The women's team also plays in the New Jersey State Cup, winning the cup in 2016 and 2019 and also participates in a league cup tournament.

Schedule & Roster

Men's Over-30 Team

The Hoboken FC Over-30 team plays in the Garden State Soccer League's Over-30 division with the season starting in September and running through the end of May or beginning of June with a winter break.

The Over-30s also compete in the New Jersey State Cup and the GSSL's League Cup tournament.

Schedule & Roster

HFC Seniors

The HFC Seniors, also known as HFC 1912-Hackensack, are an Over-55 team playing in the United Soccer League Masters Division. Several former professional players as well as former HFC first and reserve team players are members of the team.

The HFC Seniors play their matches Sunday mornings, with home fixtures being played in Hackensack.

Schedule & Roster

HFC 20-21
Reserves 19-20
HFC Women 18-19
HFC Over-30s